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Eric Schmidt


  • Schmidt Futures

    Schmidt Futures is a philanthropic initiative that bets early on people who will make our world better — helping people to achieve more for others by applying advanced science and technology thoughtfully and by working together across fields.

  • Office of Wendy Schmidt

    Wendy Schmidt is the Co-Founder of Schmidt Futures, President of the Schmidt Family Foundation, and Co-Founder of the Schmidt Ocean Institute.

  • National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence

    Eric Schmidt is the Chair of the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence, which is reviewing the methods and means to advance the development of AI, machine learning, and associated technologies by the U.S. to comprehensively address the national security needs of the Nation.

  • Innovation Endeavors

    Innovation Endeavors invests in visionary founders, transformational technologies and emergent ecosystems for a new world.

  • Reimagine with Eric Schmidt

    Reimagine with Eric Schmidt is a new podcast that includes a series of conversations with leaders in government, business, science, and technology to explore how we can solve our current challenges and build a brighter future after this global crisis.

  • Schmidt Family Foundation & the 11th Hour Project

    The Schmidt Family Foundation brings philanthropic resources to some of this century’s greatest challenges across the globe. The Foundation applies new knowledge and innovation for problem-solving and for advancing original research in science, energy and the sustainability of the world’s biosphere.

  • Schmidt Marine Technology Partners

    Schmidt Marine Technology Partners is a program of the Schmidt Family Foundation that supports the development of ocean technologies with compelling conservation and research applications, as well as strong commercialization potential.

  • Schmidt Ocean Institute

    Schmidt Ocean Institute works to advance the frontiers of global marine research by providing state of the art operational, technological, and informational support to the pioneering ocean science and technology development projects at sea.

  • 11th Hour Racing

    11th Hour Racing establishes strategic partnerships within the sailing and maritime communities to promote collaborative, systemic change benefitting the health of our ocean – one degree at a time.

  • Teaching

    Eric Schmidt teaches courses at CalTech and Stanford and lectures at MIT and Princeton on the applications and implications of modern computing to science and societal problems, as well as improving the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

  • Boards